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Product list >> Solenoid Valve 3 Way 5 Way

4/2 Solenoid Valve B0311 Piston Operated Brass Valve G1/4~G1/2

*B0311 series solenoid valve Burkert interchangeable *Brass material Valve Body ,Two position Four way *Motion pattern Piston operated,high working pressure *Port size G1/4”,G3/8,G1/2 *VITON Seal and NBR seal for option *High stability,low requirement on the working medium source

Orifice 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm Mini Solenoid Valve G1/8”,G1/4”

*B6014 Burkert mini type Solenoid valve orifice size 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm *Two position three way direct acting type *Body material brass *Port Size G1/8”,G1/4” *Miniature body design,small volume,easy for operating *Seal NBR,EPDM,VITON for option *Fast respond,low noise,low consumption

High Frequency Solenoid Valve TM and VT307 G1/8,G1/4

*MAC type TM High Frequency solenoid valve,SMC type VT307 series High Frequency Solenoid valve *Working Frequency up to 100 cycle/Sec *Motion Pattern direct acting type *Port size G1/8,G1/4 *With Dust-Proof protection *Two position Three way function pattern

Poppet Valve SPV Stop Structure 5/2 Port Size G3/8~G1

*SPV series poppet Solenoid valve *Aluminum alloy material Valve Body *Two position Three way *Motion pattern stop structure *Stope structure keep from friction,long service life ensured *Socket type electricity connection and Outlead wire type for selectable *Air operated type available

CMV Orifice 0.9mm~4mm Solenoid Valve For Coffee Machine

*CMV series Italy type solenoid valve for coffee maker machine and electric iron *DN0.9mm,1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm *Two position three way or two position two way direct acting type *Body material brass or Reinforce plastic *Port Size G1/8” or hosebib connection

0.35Mpa Diaphragm Pilot Solenoid Valve G1/4 For Oxygen Generator

*DSV series low presure solenoid valve *Aluminum alloy material Valve Body *Two position four way,Diaphragm pilot motion *Working at low pressure from 0.08Mpa~0.35Mpa *Vertical mounting direction and Horizontal Direction for option *Special Fomular Silicone ensure long serivce life

ASCO Type Namur Solenoid Valve 3/2 And 5/2 G1/4

*NG55 series Namur solenoid valve Asco interchangeable *Motion pattern by solenoid pilot operated *Two position three way and two position five way *Epoxy Resin Moulded coil available for option *With Namur connect interface *With hand operator

KOGANEI Pilot Solenoid Valve 5/2 M5x0.8 Rc1/8

*KOGANEI equvalent solenoid valve 110-4E1 110-4E2 180-4E1 180-4E2 *Two position five way function Function model *Motion Pattern Inner solenoid pilot operated *Port size M5x0.8 Rc1/8 *Various connection to electricity *Manual Override of lock and non-lock type for option

2.4Mpa High Pressure Directional Control Solenoid Valve G1/4 ~G1/2

*HPV series high pressure directional control solenoid valve *High pressure up to 2.4MPa *Inner Pilot type and External Pilot for option *Port size from G1/4 to G1/2,External Pilot connecting port size G1/8 *Stop type structure ensure High stability *Two position Three way function pattern

Orifice 1.5~4.0mm 3/2 Solenoid Valve G1/8” G1/4”

*VX31 VX32 Series Solenoid valve orifice size 1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,4.0mm *Two position three way direct acting type *Body material brass *Port Size G1/8”,G1/4” *Normally closed VX31 or Normally open VX32 series for option *Seal NBR,EPDM,VITON for option

25mm,30mm,35mm Herion T Solenoid Valve 3/2,4/2,5/2 G1/8~G1/2

*2630,263,802 series solenoid valve Herion Equivalent *Aluminum material Body width 25mm,30mm,35mm *Two Position Three Way,Two Position Five Way,Two Position Four way available *Pipe joint and Namur joint type for option *Din connector and outlead wire electricity connecting for Option

K23 Mini Solenoid Valve 3/2 Orifice 1.2~3mm

*K23 series mini solenoid valve *Aluminum alloy material Valve Body *Two position Three way *Motion pattern Pilot operated *Plate mounting connect and pipe connect for option *Orifice size 1.2mm,2mm,3mm *Small compact Volume,easy to operate,sapce-saving

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