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TPU Pneumatic Air Tube hardness 95/98A O.D3~16mm

*PU Tube Hardness 95A,98A *Small bending radius, *Superior anti-vibration,anti-corrosion,anti-weather *Outstanding anti-weater,anti-curve and anti-fatigue *Various tube colours for distinguish pipes one another *Low absorb rate,low physical performance deterioration

TPU Recoil Tube O.D 6~12mm With fitting both end

*TPU coil tube *High flexibility,rebound automatically *Superior anti-vibration,anti-corrosion,anti-weather *Outstanding anti-weater,anti-curve and anti-fatigue *Various tube colours for distinguish pipes one another *Low absorb rate,low physical performance deterioration

20Bar Working Pressure TPU And Fiber Braided Air Hose

*PUB Series TPU and Fiber Braided air tube *Thermoplastic Polyurethane material inside and outside double layer *High-Fiber material line reinforced in the middle *High working pressure up to 20bar,bursting pressure up to 60~80bar *Outer Dia. Metric size 8mm, 10mm,12mm, 13.5mm,18mm

PUT Series TPU Duo-hose Parallel Pneumatic Air Tube

*PUT Series Parallel Pneumatic Air hose *Thermoplastic Polyurethane material *Duo-hose for different function or different fluids *Two hose colour can be defferent for distinguish *Conform to ROHS environment protection requirement *High flexibility for piping working

PUSR Hose TPU Spiral Stainless Steel Reinforced O.D 1”~4”

*PUSR TPU Spiral stainless steel reinforced hose *TPU material,Spiral stainless steel inside *Transparent can see inside fluids or particle *High flexibility for piping working *PUSR with stainless steel reinforced can be transport particle like stive,fiber

PUBE Solid Rod Rough Surface Smooth Surface 2~10mm

*PUBE series TPU solid rod *Dia 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm *Rough surface or smooth surface for option *Simply can be cut for any requested length,and easy to rejoint by fire *PUBE Solid rod can replace transmission belt,use for seal packing collar,craft accessories

UAS Double-deck Anti-spark Flame-resistance Air Tube

*PUAS Series anti-spark,flame-resistance air and water hose *Inside material TPU polyester,outside deck material PVC *PVC Material conform to UL-94,Standard V-0 *PUAS Anti-spark,flame-resistance tube used for welding or in the occasions of spark,flame

20Bar Polyamide Nylon Tube PA6 PA12 working temperature -40~100℃

*Polyamide PA6 PA12 material tube *Working temperature:-40~100℃ *Working pressure 2MPa *Outer Dia. Metric 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm, 16mm *Resistance toSolvents,alkalizes.oils,greases,potroleum,fungus,molds *Resistance to dilute mineral and organic acids *Heat and light stabilized

15~20Bar Polyamide Nylon PA6 PA12 Recoil Hose

*PACL Series Polyamide PA6 PA12 material Recoil hose *Working temperature:-40~80℃ *Working pressure 1.5~2MPa *Outer Dia. Metric 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm *Pressure-resistance,wear-resistance * PACL Recoil hose used in vehicles brake system

PC Series Flexible Adjustable Coolant Pipe For Tooling Machine

*LPC Series flexible adjustable coolant hose tube *Polyamide PA66 material *Thread size G1/4”,G3/8”,G1/2”,G3/4” *Pipe Outer Dia.10mm,12mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,20mm,22mm *High precision,self-sealing *Pressure-resistance,can bear strong water pressure impacting

NU Special Polyurethane Oil-resistance Tube O.D 4~8mm

*NU polyurethane oil-resistance hose *Working temperature:-20~60℃ *Working pressure 8.0Bar *Outer Dia. Metric size 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm *Conform to ROHS environment protection requirement *Excellent Oil-resistance *High flexibility and soft

PA6,PA66,PA1010,PP,POM,PVC,PTFE,PE Solid Bar Rod 8~200mm

*PA6,PA66,PA1010,PP,PE,POM,PVC,PTFE material solid bar *Bar Diameter:8~200mm *Length in 1M/PCS,2M/PCS,3M/PCS *Colour standard nature colour *Good toughness,wear-resistance,oil-resistance *Anti-vibrating,good bending strength,good tensile strength *Low absorbency,size stability

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