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CG1 Miniature Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 20~100mm

*SMC equivalent aluminum alloy mini pneumatic air cylinder *Compact light weight,simple design cost effective *Rubber buffer standard,air buffer adjustable for option *Stainless steel barrel can be available *Bore size 20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm,63mm,80mm,100mm

MXS Slide Table Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 6~25mm

*Bore size 10mm,16mm,20mm,25mm *Integrating a cross roller bearing with a guide and two small air cylinders for compact force generation to make sure precision motion *Stroke adjustments are available for extend,retract *Shock absorbers,end lock,axial piping,and buffer for option

ISO5211 DIN3337 Dual Piston Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

*Double acting and spring return *Lifecycle 500000 times *Rotation 0º to 90º±5º . *Valve mounting and drive dimensions to the ISO 5211/DIN 3337. *Mounting for solenoid valves and position signalers to the NAMUR (VDI/VDE 3845). *Pre-loaded spring cartridges for safe efficient use of actuator

MHL Parallel Wide Opening Pneumatic Gripper Bore Size 10~40mm

*A large amount of gripping force is provided through the use of a double piston mechanism *Double end type oil-impregnated resin bearings with a metal backing are used for all shafts. *Built-in dust-protection mechanism. *High degree of freedom for mounting ,Auto Switch mountable.

SMC Type Parallel Pneumatic Gripper Bore Size 6~40mm

*Bore size6mm,10mm, 16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm *Various finger type selectable *Built-in magnetic,suitable slot on 2 sides is designed for magnetic sensor fixing *With high precision integral linear guide and high rigidity gripper

RSQ Stop Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore size 20~500mm

*RSQ Stop pneumatic air cylinder SMC equvalent *Fixed mounting height type *Rod end configuration various type for option *Double action spring load and single action spring extend for option *With self-lubricating bearing,lubrication free *Bore size 10mm,20mm,32mm,40mm,50mm

MSQ Compact Rotary Table Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 10~200mm

*Integration of a table and rotary actuator *Equipped with angle adjustment mechanism *With large rolling element bearing. *Pivoting angle adjustment range: 0~190 *With internal shock absorber,External absorber type for option *Variety of installation options for space-saving.

CJ1 Stainless Steel Micro Pen Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 4mm

*With bore size dia.4mm,micro shape,high sensitivity in motion *Single action,spring return *Stainless steel barrel for anti-corresion and sanitary application *Adapted PU or soft Nylon tube directly,convenient and fast connecting.

CY1 Magnetically Coupled Rodless Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 6~63mm

*Sliding type,sliding ball bearing guided type and direct mounting type for option *Internal piston is connected to an external carriage by means of a magnetic. *With Rubber buffer,motion smooth,low noise.Shock absorber for CY1L selectable *Available with high or low magnetic holding force

ASC Pneumatic Air Swing Clamping Cylinder Bore Size 25~63mm

*Designed for mass production on a special purpose machine and jig on machining center. upgrade production efficiency *When cylinder actuate, piston moves downward, the clamping arm swing to a rated angle, lowers until the workpiece is clamped securely. *Rotating Angle 0°,45°,60°,90°for option

PTA Automotive Tyre Changer Pneumatic Air Cylinder Bore Size 50~186mm

*PTA series pneumatic air cylinder for tyre changer of automotive industrial *Bore size 50mm,60mm,70mm,75mm,80mm,90mm,95mm,185mm,186mm *Special Seals material 5 times wear-resistance than the normal NBR seals *Special rubber piston also with good wear-resistance preformance

Shock Absorber AC AD Series With Self-compensation

*Eliminate the vibration and impact of Non-required mechanical motion effectively *Keep mechanical equipment safety in working,Longer service life *Body material 45# steel (ASTM-1045) *With high impact speed absorbtion,max Engergy consumption *Body thread from M8~M64 for widely Option

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